Wild Style

by Headwalker

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released July 19, 2016

Recorded and Produced by Bennett Emery at the unit
Album art by michael threet feat milo the punk rock pup



all rights reserved


Headwalker Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Contribute
Im not one to sit on the side lines

Im here to do my part

You take the easy road if you want to

We seek a brand new start

Im done doooooooone giving up on myself

done doooooone living for your cheap thrills

We cant be afraid to live


Were the ones with the most to give


I know knoooooooow its hard to find direction

know knooooooow its hard to face rejection

We can shape this world for the better


only if we work together


Too Afraid to try you've already failed

Get your mind right

When things get tough youre the first to bail

Get your mind right
Track Name: Mind Walk
Wont sink with you

Wont be like you

Wont follow your ways

My mind is free

Dont step to me

Its time for a

Headwalker rampage

You think that youve got your life all figured out

But from where im standin

You dont know what youre talkin bout

Whats right for you aint right for all the rest

You dont speak for me you dont know whats best

You live your life and ill live mine

Im gettin wise Im walkin minds
Track Name: Crooked Crusader
You use God to mask your hate

another excuse to discriminate

Crooked crusader

You say it helps you feel safe

You only seek to dominate

Crooked crusader

To your beliefs we wont conform

Like it or not This is the new norm

This is the new norm!
Track Name: P. A. Slam
You're the judge and the jury

the hangman's noose.

Best watch your back

Theres wolves on the loose.

Dominance is your motive.

Self Defense your excuse.

Only thing you know

is power abuse